Modular kitchens from WSworkshop

Recently discovered – WSworkshop, a company that designs and manufactures prefabricated modular kitchens. The brainchild of Steven Stewart and Ian Wrightson, they sought to develop modular kitchens that were beautifully designed and produced whilst reducing the costs of custom joinery. Designed and manufactured in Australia, there are over 40 different module combinations and can be configured to suit any space. Finishes include American Walnut, Japan Black, and white melamine. For more information, visit the WSworkshop website.

Modular kitchens by WSworkshop

WSworkshop offers a completely modular kitchen system for both indoor and outdoor that aligns functionality with the beauty of hand crafted furniture.

Modular kitchens by WSworkshop

Offering over 40 different modules in three designer finishes, WSworkshop can be designed and configured to suit any space.

Modular kitchens by WSworkshop

Under the design direction of Wrightson Stewart Interior Design, WSworkshop draws on the knowledge and experience developed over the last ten years of practice.

Modular kitchens by WSworkshop

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